GroupStar converts anyone into a credible, professional video storyteller for your organization

Meet GroupStar.

Easily develop and cast any story you want to tell.

Using their smartphones and our platform, enable your distributed communities of employees, customers and advocates to produce on-brand, engaging video stories for your organization at scale – without constraints of equipment, shooting schedule or a crew.

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Make any contributor look and sound like an expert.

without any special skills required, make any individual look and sound like a professional video communicator for your organization.

Our smartphone app is specially designed to make it easy for non-technical individuals to capture quality footage and narrate voiceovers like a pro. Everything produced using the app is owned by your company for your use. Record video stories in 3 styles: Interview, Selfie, or Speech mode – which are each suited for different storytelling purposes.

A modern, collaborative way of business storytelling for the new workforce.

Over 20+ Story Templates

Select from a library of story templates made by professional filmmakers, or customize your own.


GroupStar puts a film crew in anyone’s pocket

How it Works

Direct and Cast

From the web app, select a pre-made storyboard, create one or have one customized for your purpose. Invite contributors best fit for your production to download the GroupStar app which houses your storyboards.

Shoot in Your Own Time

Your contributors use the app to shoot semi-professional video stories in their own time, anywhere they are in the world. The storyboard is automatically overlaid onto their mobile cameras to guide content messaging and quality.

Curate and Edit

The video stories are uploaded straight to your web portal immediately. HQ-based team members can view, request changes and approve video stories as they are submitted. Edit and publish final productions.

Build a library of on-brand video stories from staff and experts across your global organization.

Direct multi-location productions from your desk.

Push customizable, mobile-based video storyboards to your employees, teams and customers around the world.

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    Shot List

    Sequenced shot list that forms a complete storyboard

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    Question Prompts

    On-screen shooting instructions while recording

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    Audio Meter

    Visual decibel meter to calibrate speech levels

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    Guided Overlays

    Visual guides to allow easy shot positioning

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    Automatically scrolling teleprompter for scripts

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    Sample Clips

    Easy to follow video samples for every shot